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Custom implementation of ffmpeg on an Ubuntu 8.10 server

Update (20 october 2009) – This is now two Ubuntu releases out of date, so please check some more recent sources before trying this.

I’ve been working for a while on a problem at the NFB where we are moving a Drupal site to a new server running Ubuntu Intrepid. The site depends on transcoding handled by the outdated Drupal video module. Because the video module did only a single-pass encode, NFB staff created a shell script to fool the video module and replace the single-pass encode with a double-pass encode that normalized the film audio.

The result was a generally better quality product. Now the problem is that this shell script uses ffmpeg for multiplexing at the end of the two-pass encoding process, and that the Ubuntu Intrepid ffmpeg package crashed gloriously on every multiplex.

So, I decided to compile a new ffmpeg package from source. But my problems with multiplexing didn’t end there. Many of the blog posts I found made mention of source patches for the ubuntu x264 package. Anyway, I finally found my answer in the ubuntu forums:
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