Who I am: an open source developer, programmer, and consultant. I offer my services for consultations, analysis, research, training, and programming.

Where I come from: I came to this field from a fine arts, community activism, and non-profit background. I am just as interested in the kinds of projects I do as their budgets and the technologies involved. So please don't hesitate to get in touch, no matter the scale or scope of your work.

For a fuller picture of my professional experience and skills, download my resumé.


Website creation

Support for every step, through the concept, creation, and maintenance of sites.


Training for other developers and the general public, in a variety of technologies.


I am fluent in several programming languages, code reuse, agile development, frameworks, and version control.


Technical discussions can be tough. I can help, with alternative meeting and workshop facilitation techniques.

About my ethics

My priority is to respect my personal commitments to social and environmental justice; and to developing free and open source software. This necessarily limits who I am willing to do business with. I prefer to work with organisations that prioritize social and environmental justice over profit, and ideally are run in a democratic or egalitarian fashion.

I will work with:

  • Cooperatives;
  • Unions;
  • Progressive non-profits and charities;
  • Small businesses and individuals who share these values;
  • Educational institutions.

I will consider working with:

  • Corporations with excellent environmental, labour and human rights records;
  • Municipalities and other regional governments;
  • (Non-military) divisions of government at the provincial and federal level.


Key Technologies


"The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines."

I offer: Web application creation and maintenance.


I offer: Module development, data migrations and training for developers and themers.


I offer: Training for programmers, advanced project maintenance and customization.


I offer: Website creation and maintenance, training for content creators and administrators.